Lake Como Accommodation

Accommodation can vary considerably in terms of type, style, price and quality and is spread out over a large area going around the lake and up into the mountains that make up the Lake Como resort. The lake is approximately 47km long in the shape of an inverted 'y' with the majority of the towns and villages dotted around its perimeter.

With around 300 hotels across the region as well as numerous private apartments and villas for rent, you might assume that booking a holiday in Lake Como would be an easy task. However, once you begin surfing the internet you will quickly come to the realisation that as a region, Lake Como is charmingly disorganized.

That is where we at Bella Como try to bring order where there is chaos. Our carefully selected Lake Como accommodation is of a high standard and at Bella Como, we pride ourselves in offering quality, service and attention to detail. Our office is situated in Menaggio, in the heart of Lake Como and you can be assured of accountability, reliability and a point of contact to ensure that your stay in one of our properties exceeds your expectations.

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